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The privacy of the User is respected on this Site.  The goal of this Site is to provide the User with an Internet experience that delivers the most relevant and helpful general informational pages that include, but are not limited to, all Site content produced and maintained by the Famous Dockets Team, and specifically (but not only) the news article text (collectively ďMaterialĒ).  To meet this goal, this Site may collect information during the Userís visits/use of this Site so as to provide a better understanding of the Userís preferences, including to ascertain what makes the User different from other users who have used this Site, and to maintain this Site as a free site.

As part of the aforementioned effort, this Site collects information from and about the User directly from the User, the logs of web servers and cookies.  Such information may be analyzed by software for site traffic analyses available to the Famous Dockets Team, which may be given to any advertisement sponsors of this Site, also known as advertising networks; such networks may employ their own traffic analyses and provide such information to the Famous Dockets Team, too.

Information from the User.  When the User uses this Site, the User may be prompted to provide their name, address, e-mail address and other information of a personal nature.  Some of this information may be optional, but other parts of this information (like name, address, e-mail address, etc.) may be required for any particular feature of this Site to successfully operate, including any newsletter subscription, contest entry, etc.

Information from web servers.  When the User uses/visits this Site, like any other web site on the Internet, an automated disclosure of information about the Userís self may be recorded by this Site, such as the Userís internet protocol (ďIPĒ) address, the date of the site visit, and the location that referred the User to this Site (i.e., the site, page or advertisement link that caused the User to arrive on this Site).

Information from cookies.  As the User may know already, the use of cookies is a relatively standard function of Internet use.  In fact, the User will find cookies used on virtually all sites of the Internet.  This is because sites, such as this Site, may not function properly if the User sets their computer browser to not accept cookies or if the User rejects a cookie.  Cookies are basic bits of information that are sent to the Userís browser from a web server and stored on the Userís computer.   Practically all computers are set up by default to accept and retain cookies.  If you so choose, you may opt to disable this cookie feature by consulting your computer ownerís manual. 

Cookies may be used by this Site to store, keep track of the Userís information, and generate general traffic statistics, all so as to make the Userís visits to this Site better and to maintain an identifiable traffic pool for the purpose of advertisement sponsorship of this Site in order to maintain this Site as a free site to the User.  As part of making this Site better for the User, with the use of cookies, this Site may be reminded of the Userís preferences and other uniqueness and to, consequently, provide the User tailored Material, including tailored advertisement, as much as may be practicable.  The cookies may also be used to help advertisement sponsors determine if the User clicks on any advertisements of this site, and even purchases something subsequent to clicking on any advertisements, cookie information of which helps maintain this Site as a free site to the User.  The Famous Dockets Team believes that such use of cookies is standard throughout the industry for most sites that rely on advertising sponsorship.

Additional information-gathering techniques may be used by the Famous Dockets Team and/or advertisement sponsors, including techniques such as those identified as interest-based advertising.

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